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N.Y.C. Mayor Candidates Name Rivals’ Worst Ideas

“What is the worst idea you’ve heard from another candidate?” “The worst idea I’ve heard from another candidate was Eric Adams’s advice to bring a firearm to church as a public safety measure. I think it speaks for itself.” “It went from U.B.I. that Mr. Yang had, then it went to borough bucks, then it went to Monopoly money, then it went to hope and prayer. You know, we have to have real solutions for real New Yorkers like my New York City Cares.” “Ms. Garcia, worst idea you’ve heard from another candidate, in 30 seconds.” “To be quite honest with you, these are complicated times and several of my opponents are using hashtags, to hashtag defund the police. I just don’t think that’s the right approach. You need to sit down and really think through these things.” “I like Andrew personally, so, but I have to say, the two craziest ideas. I heard was TikTok houses for artists and then a casino on Governors Island. I lost it after that.” “Let’s be very clear, for Black and brown communities, neither defund the police nor stop and frisk. …” “You don’t speak for Black and brown communities. How dare you assume to speak for Black and brown communities?” “Because I talk to Black and brown communities. Because I talk to them.” “You cannot do that.” “Oh, yes, I just did. You know what, I just did do it.” “It is not the truth for the community as a whole.”

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